Shola Heights
.....a tranquil abode

Amidst the undulating rain washed hills of the Western Ghats......

Plumb in the midst of a biological hotspot, Shola heights is a unique home stay placed on the fringes of the Kudremukh national park.

A Home stay that is truly that….simple…quiet…..convenient….where ‘being’ is all that matters, where efforts of any kind become irrelevant in the inviolable quietness of the surroundings. A home stay that resides just beyond the last human settlement in the Kudremukh hills run by a family that has lived in the region for several years now.

Visitors looking to temporarily put away the fatigue of civilisation and seeking to find their calmer selves are encouraged to visit the place. In addition to being in nature, the home stay offers the opportunity for serious visitors to explore a yogic way of life.

Shola heights is situated at an elevation of 1340 metres and has a salubrious climate around the year, with temperatures which hover between 32 deg C and 20 deg C in summer and between 24 deg C and 6 deg C in winter.

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